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How to Use Essential Oils for Spiritual Growth

How to Use Essential Oils for Spiritual Growth

Essential oils have gained notoriety in recent years as many people begin to explore natural remedies and seek spiritual enlightenment. Essential oils have been touted by both ancient and modern practitioners for their ability to aid spiritual growth as well as mental and physical healing.

With the world in a chaotic state, many people are searching for meaning, and looking for ways to improve mental health. Essential oils used for tinctures and aromatherapy have become an important part of this process. 

Thanks to the wealth of information available, it is easier than ever to understand how essential oils function and how to incorporate them into a comprehensive holistic approach to wellness. Often used in spiritual practices like mindfulness meditation, different essential oils have different uses. Understanding what results you seek and how essential oils can aid in spiritual enlightenment is key. 

Here’s what you need to know:

What Are Essential Oils?

Typical uses of essential oils include stress relief, achieving optimal sleep, and increasing energy and focus. Essential oils may seem benign and harmless, and in many cases they are. However, it is important to understand that these naturally-occurring plant compounds must, in many cases, must be diluted with a carrier oil.

Derived from plant components like bark, seeds, and leaves, essential oils are concentrated volatile compounds that have been shown to stimulate various receptors in the human body. This stimulation is how essential oils can impact physical and mental health, and each oil has unique properties. 

Are Essential Oils Really Connected to Spiritual Growth?

So how are essential oils related to spiritual growth? The first connection begins with smell. For centuries, many civilizations have used aromatics, including essential oils, in the pursuit of spiritual ascension.

For example, ancient Egyptians frequently used incense in offering ceremonies. It was customary to burn aromatics in religious temples throughout Egypt. In places like Greece, China, and India, aromatics also had a significant role in larger spiritual temples as well as in homes and on personal altars, where they were used for personal protection and attraction of favorable circumstances. 

In addition to the spiritual significance of essential oils and other aromatics, some scientific research has demonstrated the efficacy of essential oils. Research has confirmed the anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties of various essential oils.

Researchers continue to study how essential oils impact people physically and mentally. They also seek to discover how these oils are connected to achieving a higher state of consciousness. In one study published in Flavor and Fragrance Journal, researchers found that participants who inhaled Siberian fir needle essential oil for 40 minutes achieved a remarkably relaxed state. Theta brain wave activity was also improved. 

The connection to essential oils and spiritual growth is that when one’s mood is improved (often referred to as a person’s vibration), their state of consciousness is also improved. This higher level of consciousness subsequently attracts more favorable circumstances in people.

On the other hand, a low vibration tends to attract less favorable circumstances. It has been said that essential oils are high vibration compounds that work well in tandem with meditation, crystals, and energy healing to improve one’s vibration rate.

Top Essential Oils Associated with Spirituality

Just as holistic healing uses specific remedies for specific ailments, the various essential oils have different properties that make them ideal for specific issues. The following is a brief overview of the most widely used essential oils for spiritual growth: 

Cleansing and Purification. The most widely used essential oils include cypress, juniper berry, Palo Santo, myrrh, and cedarwood. 

Mental Clarity. One of the most popular essential oils is lavender. Known for its calming properties, many people put lavender oil in a diffuser or anoint a candle with this essential oil. Frankincense is also a popular essential oil use to sharpen focus and improve mental clarity. 

Anxiety Reduction. Popular essential oils used for this purpose include lavender, vetiver, and jasmine. One study conducted by researchers in Thailand indicated that jasmine impacted brain wave activity and calmed the nervous system without inducing drowsiness. Other frequently essential oils for anxiety include clary sage, ylang-ylang, and chamomile. 

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all essential oils and their benefits. However, it can be used as a catalyst for personal research. Understanding the power of essential oils to assist in achieving spiritual growth begins by knowing what is possible. 

Including Essential Oils in Your Spiritual Practices

While essential oils certainly have anecdotal and scientifically-proven benefits, they are but one component of spiritual growth. It is important to thoroughly research essential oils and know what affect your seeking before incorporating them into your spiritual practices.

However, it is likely that whatever your purpose for using them, essential oils will benefit your practice. Essential oils used in conjunction with other spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, martial arts, and religious pursuits can help heighten awareness and help foster a deeper connection.